Thursday, March 1, 2012

Goodnight, Sweet Prince

Well everyone, our point man is gone. Here's a nice tribute from Greg Gutfeld:
I met Andrew Breitbart in 2005 when I was asked to write for the Huffingtpon Post. He was running the show. Everyone who knew him - left and right - said he was brilliant, eccentric, one of a kind. I instantly fell in love with the guy. To this day, I've never met anyone as fearless. He was my first guest on Redeye, a show I got largely because he told people about me. He became a cheerleader for my work, but more important, a dear close friend I could confide in, about anything. My wife called him the wizard, for he could conjure up anything at any time with limitless energy.

He's the only person I know who operated without a safety net. He always knew things would turn out the way they were supposed to - so he didn't worry about money or, i guess, his health, too much.
He was the spiritual leader of the modern conservative, libertarian cause. He was immersed in pop culture and wished to drag the right into the modern world - knowing this is how America speaks to the world. He was the heart of the matter. The fighter. Losing him is like a fiery planet going dark. 
My heart felt condolences go out to Susie and the kids.
As much as Andrew would have appreciated this statement from Gutfeld, I think he would have rolled around and basted in these words being said by our leftist friends. Liberals just don't get it; To be an object of their deranged hatred is a point of extreme pride for conservative heroes like Breitbart. In the end it is the liberals that presented Andrew with the greatest eulogy of all.

It's a sad day, but this video of Andrew will forever bring a smile to my face:

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