Sunday, March 4, 2012

Uh Oh, the Liberals are like so OUTRAGED again

Well, the left is still feeling feelings of outrageous outrage over Rush Limbaugh calling some democratic operative law student a "slut". Well, here's a good review of some of the non-sexist, non-misogynistic things that liberal politicians, journalists, comedians, etc. have said over the years: Rush Limbaugh Isn’t the Only Media Misogynist. The only difference being that Rush is a conservative and therefore has to be held accountable. The left is of course just a bunch of screaming retarded children, so it wouldn't really be fair to hold them to any kind of standard. Also, we have to let it go when Obama calls an entire segment of the U.S. population "tea baggers" because again, Obama is a weak babbling imbecile and isn't really responsible for the stupid shit that comes out of his mouth.

So, some of Rush's sponsors are pulling out due to the screeching coming from the left side of the political aisle.  Well, this got me thinking that we on the right need to start making things much more personal as well. It's not enough to disagree with the liberals politically, it is also important that we start punishing them personally. I don't mean physically of course, because that sort of nonsense is reserved for liberals. As an aside, here's a nice list of some of the left's recent violent handiwork: OWS rapes, murders, assaults, etc.. No, what I mean is that conservatives need to stop frequenting businesses that don't share their values. You know, maybe get your coffee somewhere other than Starbucks from now on and don't do your food shopping at Whole Foods. If the pizza delivery guy shows up with an "Obama 2012" sticker on his truck, send him on his way without a tip.  Looking to hire a new person?, well maybe put that liberal's resume at the bottom of the pile. If a liberal asks you the time or for some directions, pretend that you don't speak English. You can also start by never again doing business with the following list of spineless douchebags who pulled their sponsorships from Rush's show:

1. mortgage lender Quicken Loans
2.mattress retailers Sleep Train and Sleep Number
3. software maker Citrix Systems Inc.
4. online data backup service provider Carbonite
5. online legal document services company LegalZoom. 
6. Proflower

By the way, I'm kidding. No, we on the right shouldn't do any of the things listed above because we aren't totalitarians. We don't go after people personally because they disagree with us politically. We don't try and use the power of the state and the power of the mob to silence opposing viewpoints. Lastly, we don't make politics personal because conservatism is not our religion and our political party isn't our family.  You see, it's this sort of deranged attitude that leads liberal graduate students to ask me, "Are you a closet conservative", without the slightest hint of shame that they have created such a hostile cultist environment that closet conservatives actually exist. Fuck them all, but whatever you do, don't become like them.

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