Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Shock of the Century: Liberals intolerant of opposing views online

It turns out that liberals are intolerant of opposing viewpoints. I know, I know....this is a lot to process all at once. Just take a seat and have a few sips of water and the shock and awe should subside momentarily.Here is a brief summary:
The new research found that instead of engaging in civil discourse or debate, fully 16% of liberals admitted to blocking, unfriending or overtly hiding someone on a social networking site because that person expressed views they disagreed with. That’s double the percentage of conservatives and more than twice the percentage of political moderates who behaved like that.
I was once unfriended by a liberal for posting a picture of Obama wearing a dress. Prior to unfriending me though, she sent me this bizarre message saying that I dont understand Koch Postulates and Bradford-Hill Criteria and that I was unable to think critically. Yea, it turns out she was taking a master's course in epidemiology so I suppose this was her typical liberal way of trying to prove she was smarter than me or something. Be on the look out for this behavior. Liberals will often pursue a master's degree in something easy becasue they think having a master's degree makes them the undisputed authority on everything...and no, it doesn't even matter if you also have a master's degree or even a Ph.D becasue you are a conservative and therefore not as smart as them. 

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