Thursday, March 8, 2012

This generation's Mother Teresa, Sandra Fluke

Here’s todays bit of propaganda from state run media: Fluke says, "I would do this again", despite Limbaugh attacks.

Yes we are still talking about Sandra Fluke. She has now reached Joan of Arc status amongst the liberals. Apparently in progressive circles, sauntering your big ass up to capital hill to demand that strangers fork up the $1 a day for your birth control pills is worthy of being canonized.

Just check out that title; Fluke says, “I would do this again” despite Limbaugh attacks. Have your ever seen something so ridiculous? They act like this woman was shot down while flying sorties over Da Nang and spent 2 years in a Vietnamese prison camp and after escaping requested that she be allowed to return to the fight. All she did was demand free shit.

This sort of hero worship is common amongst the left though. All you need to do is look at the 2008 election when Obama was basically elevated to messiah status. I’ve already talked about the absurd double standard the left uses when it comes to verbal attacks, but it’s not that they just look the other way when a conservative woman is attacked or when it’s one of their fellow liberals saying something inappropriate. It’s much more than that. You see, when a liberal calls a tea partier a “terrorist”, or takes joy in Breitbart’s death, or makes a death threat against Bush or Limbaugh, or calls Laura Ingraham a “right wing slut”, well that is all just damn justified because these people are all enemies of the liberal faith. They are non-believers and therefore evil and deserving of contempt. These are the people that are not worthy to pass through the gates to progressive paradise.

On the other hand, when a liberal is the target of even the softest ridicule from the right, they feel outrage and indignation because their faith is being attacked; A faith that cannot be wrong. Basically, it is blasphemy to attack liberalism. It’s precisely the same mentality that leads a Muslim extremist to riot because a Koran was burned, but believe burning a bible is God’s work. Many on the right have trouble understanding how liberals can be so hypocritical and not see it. Well, that is because most on the right don’t see liberalism for what it is, a religion. If you look at the left in the context of religious extremism, then you will fully understand what motivates them.

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