Thursday, February 16, 2012

Atheist = NewAger

Atheists are in actuality newagers. Obviously this is not always true, but it is definitely true of the atheists who make the news. You know, the ones who are always suing over streets being named after a Catholic saint, or a cross at the 9/11 memorial, or a nativity scene being located anywhere, or a prayer being said before a public high school football game.

Let's take that last one (a prayer at a public high school football game) and do a little compare and contrast. I wonder why on earth I have never heard shit from any atheist about this garbage, which has already spread to hundreds of PUBLIC schools and is growing exponentially. The liberal newager, er.. atheist, will reply that yoga is not religion, it's exercise. Exercise you say? Let's see what some of the benefits of yoga are according to the yogaed website:

Yoga expands and enriches awareness and sense of self
Yoga brings inner harmony through experience and connection
Yoga serves as the counter pose to the challenges of modern life 

Oh, I must have been misinformed, that doesn't sound like newage bullshit at all! Alright, I'm already thoroughly convinced that yoga is just so totally on the up and up, but why don't we check in with one of the big atheist blogs and get an even more convincing argument:

"In my own Ashtanga-style classes, I've been very comfortable with my instructor's approach to teaching. Like many instructors, she promotes and supports each student's personal journey--both in the physical and meditative aspects. We chant an occasional om and offer namaste at the end of class, and that doesn't bother me"
Meditative journey you say!? Totally legit! No religion there.
During my first class, I felt a little uncomfortable with this concept, but then I realized that the "intuition" of my "third eye" can easily be compared to the emotional brain that is described in Jonah Leher's book How We Decide.
 Oh, i see what you did there, you threw in a plug for the newage self help movement, that you are clearly not a part of because you're a super logical atheist liberal douche. I know, I know, Leher's book is science not self help. Very convenient the way these newagers always seem to find a way to claim that their deranged beliefs are actually science isn't it? Hey just look at homeopathy...that's as sciency as science gets! Now, let's all go to Whole Foods!!!

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