Monday, February 13, 2012

Liberals: “Conservatives oppose our policies because of religious zealotry except for when they oppose our policies because they aren't blindly following their religion as they should”

When most people find themselves arguing two completely opposing ideas at the exact same time, they may take a step back and reexamine their position. However, this is not the case for the Liberal cultists. Check out this bizzare article.

We have seen this argument many times before; Republican opposition to abortion and the contraceptive mandate is due to christian religious fundamentalism that has taken over the Republican Party. Yet, the author goes to great lengths to outline the multitude of Christian teachings that are far more aligned with liberal ideology (or should I say theology). How is it that the author, Juan Cole, does not see that what he is basically arguing is that Republicans indeed do not blindly follow their religious faith, but rather choose their principles based on logic and experience.Sometimes their conclusions are aligned with Christian ideology and sometimes they are not.

The second part of the article engages in the usual liberal circular logic.Basically he is saying that the Catholic Church is violating the separation of church and state because it is possible for the state to make laws that the Catholic Church would not follow. That means that since it is also theoretically possible that the government could make a law that all Jewish Delis are required to serve pork chops, the Jewish religion is in the constant existential condition of violating the separation of church and state. In reality though, the Catholics would not violate the law, they would simply close every single Catholic hospital in the country in order to comply, which I believe is something like 15-20% of the nation’s hospitals. So this empty argument basically boils down to, “The Catholic Church is violating the 1st amendment by not continuing to operate its non profit hospitals and charities in a way that violates the basic beliefs of their religion”.

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