Monday, February 13, 2012

Let's Play a Game: Gov. Gary Herbert, Republican or Democrat?

I happened upon this AP Article about someone who yesterday attempted to murder Gov. Gary Herbert. This article offers one of those opportunities where I get to test whether or not we live in a nation where the liberal cult actively and brutally controls the information the public sees or whether I am actually in fact just a paranoid lunatic experiencing the early stages of late onset schizophrenia.

Now the article doesn't mention what party Gary Herbert is a member of, but I am willing to bet the fucking farm that he is a Republican. Why am I so sure? Here's why:

1. Someone tried to kill an elected official and the article doesn't mention the political party of said official.
2. The article is short with only the barest of facts mentioned. There is not even a suggestion of a possible motive.
3. It is hard to find much at all about this incident from any of the news sources. This means that the media doesn't consider it important or it doesn't follow their usual narrative.

Basically what I'm saying is that I know Gary Herbert is a Republican because the media is not having a colossal fucking shit fit about this story. Plain and simple. Now you will have to just trust me when I say that I have never heard of Gov. Herbert, I have no prior knowledge of his party affiliation, and I did not Wiki him before writing this post. I will Wiki him tomorrow and if I am wrong I will check myself into the nearest mental health clinic, but until that time I dangle my balls in the wind without any hint of anxiety because there is virtually no chance that I am wrong.

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Anonymous said...

Very astutely observed. He is a Republican. Now you can stop dangling your balls in the wind.