Saturday, February 18, 2012

Where have all the richly deserved ass beatings gone?

This story is kind of old, but worth a revisit. Basically, members of a nationwide rape gang, who go by the name "Occupy Wall Street", threw a bunch of condoms at Catholic school girls during a pro-life event in Rhode Island. Many people have voiced their disgust at this behavior wondering exactly what kind of weak demented brain would lead a person to do this, but I think questioning the motives of Occupy Rape Street is hugely missing the point. The real story is that these weak pathetic parasites went through all this trouble to guarantee that they would be the recipient of a mammoth sized ass beating, yet were unjustly denied said ass beating. The fact that that these liberals could throw condoms at children and not a single person kicked the shit out of them is the real sign of a nation in decline.

After seeing this story, I started to think about how previous generation of Americans would have dealt with this situation, specifically the WWII generation. I tried to imagine what my grandfather's reaction would be if some random disgusting liberal pervert threw a condom at one of his daughters. I concluded that someone would have needed a technologically advanced high speed camera capable of high resolution at over 100,000 frames per second if they wanted to record the lightening speed coma beating that would have been presented to each and every liberal within a 10 mile radius.

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