Tuesday, February 21, 2012

You damn dirty Catholic Firsters!

Hey Papists, Chris Mathews thinks you need to stop being dirty bigots.

The schizophrenia that the liberals display with their attitude towards Catholics is astounding. Liberals didn't seem to have a problem when Ra-Obama secured the Catholic vote by a 9 point margin in 2008. Also, during the Obamacare fiasco, liberals went on this strange campaign to remove the tax exempt status of the Catholic Church because they participate in "political lobbying", until of course the abortion question was sort-of-kind-of resolved, and the Catholic Church became a primary champion of Obamacare. Suddenly the calls to remove the Catholic Church's tax exempt status went silent. Strange, isn't supporting Obamacare also political lobbying? It just shows that liberals have no problem using the power of the state to silence political opposition.

Also, as far as the opposition to gay marriage goes, I'm pretty sure that almost every single religion on the planet opposes gay marriage. So, why are we strangely singling out the Catholic Church? Could it be (and I know this is just a super duper ridiculous long shot) that it's because the Catholics were the most vocal in recent opposition to his majesty's proclamation that all religious groups shall provide contraception and abortifacients to their employees? I know....I know, I'm just being paranoid again. I mean, how inappropriate would it be for a journalist to unfairly smear an entire religion in order to intimidate them into removing their opposition to the sitting Democratic president's legislative proposal? I mean, shit like that only happens in places with state controlled media, right?

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