Monday, February 27, 2012

Liberal Safari # 1

Here is a new segment where I share some of my internet encounters with the Liberalis Fucktardus species. This first one is short, but enjoy!

Winston: "It doesn’t really seem like the cost of contraceptives is causing some huge gap in access. I mean, there’s like 90 Million prescriptions for contraceptives filled yearly, which seems fairly universal. For the few who can’t afford it, couldn’t the HHS simply have ordered Medicaid to end co-pays for contraceptives? Why not end co-pays for Lipitor?...I guess it’s because “Obama Protects Women!” looks better than “Obama Helps Manage Your Cholesterol!” in a campaign ad."

Useless Liberal Retard: "Winston, you seem pretty bitter about the fact that poor women now have more control of their reproductive health".
Interesting. Notice how liberalis fucktardus has evolved to be unable to comprehend the third sentence that I wrote, which directly addresses the issue of poor women. Instead, fucktardus instinctively retreats to its religious belief that as a conservative I must hate women. Therefore,  fucktardus, also being unable to think for itself, restates an asinine liberal talking point that it saw in the Huffington Post and attempts to ass-jam it into a conversation where it makes zero sense whatsoever.

That's all for today.

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